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Leonardo Paglia

My most visceral passion coincides with the desire to accelerate human progress towards prosperity and harmony.

I believe that technology is the most powerful tool to achieve this goal.

I grew up in Parma, then I moved to Milan for college. I graduated with honors in interaction design at IED three years later.

Shortly after I founded and moved to Tenerife, where I currently, happily, live 🌅



How can I write something meaningful about myself? No one can define us, even ourselves.

What we can do is an approximation, based on the evidence about us that the universe reveals to us, built with the originator of approximations par excellence, our language.

This is the case because each subject interprets language according to its own brain structure, resulting in a set of reactions that leads to the modulation and continuous refinement of the awareness induced by the conveying of the information. This interpretative cerebral structure is shaped throughout our life according to our personal sensory experiences.

Every sentence, every word, every phoneme and sound is in this structure organized according to an intricate, infinite map of emotional and rational associations, completely unique and created by the becoming of the individual.

Thus, we define ourselves through information without any meaning, designed to give a semblance of rationality to the hazy chaos that composes our thoughts. Information that divides us into categories and leaves to the logic of others the reconstruction of the parts, in the act of the ineluctable generation of insipid and fictitious identities that they absent-mindedly add to their collection of projections on others. This information deceives us, kills our vital instincts and makes us determined by it.

This information makes up the fabric and the melody of which we are convinced our lives are part of.